Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our new blog

We have now left Vietnam and we are in the process of moving to Thailand. Before we get there we are spending a few weeks in France.

If you would like to keep in touch with what we are up to you can check out our new Thailand blog.

It has been great keeping in touch with so many people through this blog and also being able to give others advice. Thanks to everyone.


  1. Hi Dan,

    I just stumble across your blog as I am thinking of moving to Hanoi to teach Engish - and my partner is also French (myself Aussie) as serendipity would have it! I've really enjoyed reading your tales and matter of fact posts along the way.

    I was wandering if you would mind if i got in contat with you to run a few of those annoying administrational questions past you - i.e how did your partner go getting a visa as she is French etc.

    I think you can contact me through my blog name (i'm rather new to this!) but if not please let me know and we'll work something out.

    Keep having a blast and looking forward to hearing how Thailand goes!


  2. Hi Matt,

    Happy to help. Shoot me an email with your questions.