Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Luong Son Market

The market experience is always interesting in Vietnam. At the market you can pick up all your fruit and vegetables for a very cheap price. In Hanoi Celine and I will always buy fruit and vegetables at the market. In Luong Son the market fills up a decent section on both sides of the road in the main street. Big chunks of meat sit on old wooden tables, often covered by an aging umbrella. Ladies squat in the dirt next to their items for sale. Their things sit in rattan trays and they invite you to come and look as you pass. The ladies wear conical hats. The markets are bit dirty and dusty though. Rubbish sits in and around the market which is not a good look. However, the locals don't seem to notice and I am sure it is something they have grown up with. The markets are always a good place to go to get some interesting photos.

Buying mandarines and mangos

Ladies at the market


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