Thursday, March 18, 2010

Travelling Coins

I have a big bag of Australia coins sitting in my cupboard here in Hanoi. I was recently reminded of them because I just moved house and a big bag of coins are heavy. You may be wondering why I have a big bag of coins in Hanoi so I will let you in on the little story.

In Sydney I hated carrying coins anywhere so at any opportunity would throw the days collection into a bowl next to my bed. When I left Sydney I planned to give all my coins to my brother Chris who was meeting me at the airport to say goodbye. I had the coins in my hand luggage so as to easily pass them on and in the midst of the frantic airport experience I completely forgot. When through customs I wondered by the hell by bag was so heavy and remembered my horde of coins. I spent the best part of 20 minutes buying water and chips and chewing gum and chocolate with 20 cent coins but it seemed to only make a small reduction. I decided to take what was left on the trip with me to Bangkok.

Once in Bangkok my bags were lost and I headed off to my hostel with the clothes on my back, a book, a camera, a laptop and big bag of Australian coins. The coins have stayed with me ever since, being lugged to each new house (4 so far) at the expense of my back. They are now like a travelling companion; my version of the garden gnome which some people like to take on their travels. My coins have travelled many miles across many borders and now I just have to think where I should take them next.


  1. ok, do you want some french coins?????....I want my coins travel with you and my daughter....!!!!!

  2. I would never say no to Euros or francs if you have any.....Dan

  3. Who the f... travels with a gnome? Coin is so much more useful, especially when gold in colour.
    :) Suey and David

  4. Brutus and bash want coin to come and visit!!