Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vietnam Vodka

Vietnam Vodka, originally uploaded by Team Yeah.

Hanoi Vodka is a drink of choice among most men in Hanoi. You will see this little bottle being consumed in most restaurants throughout the city accompanied only by beer and the local rice wine xeo. Every restaurant and shop, street stand and supermarket have Hanoi vodka in stock and at no more than $2 Aussie for a 375ml bottle you can see why the locals love it. It is not as strong as regular vodka with an alcohol content of 29% but at the rate that the Vietnamese consume you are feeling the affects in no time.

One thing I have noticed since being in Vietnam and that I can say with some conviction; the Vietnamese (men) can drink.


  1. and..... can you say ....ozzies (men)... can drink too...?????

  2. Yes but I assure you not like the Vietnamese.