Thursday, August 19, 2010

Australian Election

Julia Gillard - look at those lobes

The next Australian Federal Election takes place this Saturday and since I am in the country I have to make a choice. Voting is compulsory in Australia which is ok for me because I believe in taking part in the voting process. It is definitely a change to the one party policy in Vietnam where politics is rarely discussed. I believe in the right to vote and the right to choose who leads a country but I am sick and tired of the dribble you here constantly leading up to this election.

Tony Abbott - seriously, put some clothes on

Since I have been back Julia Gillard, the chick who helped get the past PM kicked out, and Tony Abbott, who is painfully conservative and out of touch, have been at each other with school kid like jibes. I don't want to think of the money they are spending trying to persuade votes. Will they actually change anything, or live up to their promises? I don't know the answer to that but I am not ultra confident with the options I have to choose from. It basically comes down to choosing between a guy who flaunts his package in socially unacceptable speedos or a red head chick with exceedingly large ear lobes. I have heard there is a sex party you can vote for; maybe there is hope yet.

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