Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend on the farm

Views of the farm

I just spent the weekend on my old man's farm, which is about 20km from my grandparents farm. My earliest memories are from here and the weekend was used as a chance to catch up with some family and friends. My brothers, old man, a few cousins and two friends came up to the farm for the weekend.

Brother Chris and nephew Dexter

We had a good time eating and enjoying a few beers while sharing stories of the past year. We had a big bonfire and battled the near freezing temperatures. We all spent a few hours tidying up the garden and I somehow managed to lose my wedding ring. The cold temperatures shrink my fingers and I assume I lost it into the fire as I threw on a bunch of sticks. It is quite upsetting because we picked out a unique ring which we both really liked when we were in San Francisco. I will have one last attempt to find it but without knowing exactly where I lost it the chances are slim to none.

Dinner on the farm

Smoking the sheesha

The stupid thing is that I was telling my friends Tom and Garry earlier that day how I nearly lost my ring in New Zealand. It would seem, based on repeated idiotic occurrences, that I am not the brightest person going around.

Driving the tractor

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  1. I can't believe you lost your ring! Man, we totally jinxed that. I just posted my farm photos on the blog, check em out!