Monday, August 23, 2010

Mudgee Wombats Grand Final

Congratulations Mick!

I grew up in a small country town called Mudgee. Mudgee is about 50km from my grandparents farm and is how to around 10,000. Mudgee is renowned for its wine with a good selection of wineries, around 40 in total, scattered around the region. Mudgee is a popular tourist destination with a constant flow travelling here throughout the year. Other industries in the region are coal, sheep, cattle and various other rural produce. The first settler arrived in the region in 1821 and by 1841 the Mudgee village was under way with a number of houses as well as a hospital, post office and a few hotels. Mudgee would have to be one of the earlier inland settlements in Australia and many of the old architecture still stands today.

My family still lives in Mudgee and one of my good friends, Mick, has just won the rugby grand final. The grand final was against Coolah, a tiny town of around 1,000 in central northern New South Wales. It was a close game but Mudgee came out on top 22-16. For me it was nice to see some good country rugby where locals shout encouragement to their team and yell abuse to the visitors. Country boys drink a few beers, eat steak sandwiches and toot the horns of their cars as the game progresses. Occasionally a town song will break out, first Coolah then Mudgee, each trying to be louder than each other.

Mick, is currently taking part in his third day or partying, the traditional Mad Monday where cross dressing and alcohol bare no limits. I look forward to see the photos.

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