Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's YOUR dream job??

I was teaching a new class of adults level 3 tonight. The lesson was about jobs. I love my Vietnamese students, they're oh so awesome, most of the time not on purpose, but still.

Tonight, after studying the spelling and pronunciation of every job under the sun, I started a discussion with the students this way:

"If you could have any job in the world, what would you be?"
"Can we choose anything? Really anything?"
"Yes, absolutely anything you want! Trang, you start"
Trang: "Secretary!!"


Everyone was nodding wisely. So I did that too, but then I said:

"Secretary is good... it's good... but I mean your DREAM job like... President or Super model or Hollywood actress you know?"

"Yes! secretary."

"All right then. What about you, Duc?"

"Me, accountant!"

Love it.

I got two "Superman", one "Obama" (not President. Obama, that's a new job out there) one cook (not chef, cook), and one hairdresser.

I love my students.

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  1. Um, just what exactly does an "Obama" do? ;)