Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Boys night out

Amazing steak we had for dinner

So the last few days have been spent in Dubbo, a town of approximately 30,000 people, around 140km from the farm. Dubbo is definitely not a town I would go to by choice but one of the top back surgeons flies there from Sydney a couple of days a week and Delia, the courageous grandmother, had an appointment. I was the designated driver for my grandfather so we hit the road and followed. Delia was soon scheduled for surgery and a long story short, it was a success and she is already making great progress. Today she was making cheeky sarcastic comments, a testament to her improving health.

Extremely filling breakfast

George (my grandfather) and I would spend most of our days in the hospital, before and after the surgery. We would head out for lunch and dinner and stay in a nearby hotel. We have been eating like kings the past few days, only to return to the hospital to share our discoveries with Delia. This was possibly a little cruel as she chewed on a plain and somewhat dry sandwich. For breakfast we had an all our can eat buffet where your eyes inevitably turned out to be bigger than your stomach. For lunch we munched on a bunch of burgers that my heart seemed afraid of. They were amazingly unhealthy but extremely delicious. They had pineapple and beetroot on them as well. It has been a while since I have enjoyed that combination. Seriously, how can anyone knock beetroot on a burger? For dinner we dined out at a nice restaurant eating delectable oysters and prawns as well as chunky tender steaks. It was a real treat to eat such great food. Celine and I eat quite well in Hanoi but the quality and quantity just doesn't match what the fine people of Dubbo can provide.

Our country hotel - won't find one of these in Hanoi

If you ever want to come to Dubbo I can tell you three things; 1. The people, especially those in the hospital, are very friendly and helpful 2. You can find some great places to eat and 3. There is a decent sized zoo you can visit.

George and I have had a good time hanging out over the past few days; eating well, giving company to Delia and sharing some rather interesting stories. Our distant, distant relatives go back to Mary Queen of Scots, George used to be an aspiring jockey, my grandparents met on a blind date and hated each other and George had the hide to say I wasn't very photogenic in my younger years. You can find out a lot of things if you spend some quality time with your grandparents.

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