Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Baby's arrived!

A big hugs and kisses congratulations to Christelle, Cedric and the kids on the newest member of their family. Celine and I are thinking of you guys and hope Charlie is enjoying his first few days. We were so happy to hear the news yesterday and shared a celebratory drink in Charlie's honour. We can't wait to see the pictures.

PS: I apologise for any incorrect spelling of names :)

Félicitations a Cedric, Christelle (ma grande soeur) et leurs enfants Noe et Alice pour l’arrivee de bébé Charlie. On savait que Charlie arriverait hier, et on a attendu toute la journée. Quand on a appris la bonne nouvelle, on a bu un verre a la santé de Charlie, et a la vôtre.


  1. oh Dan don't apologise, you wrote so good 3 names of your family in law.... but, I think you don't remember the 2 others names.... you see what I meen ? and my question is..... what are the names of the first boy et the little girl .....????
    kisses by..... Chandler

  2. None other than the beautiful Alice and the cool Noe..