Sunday, February 14, 2010

A day in Tonsai

7h00: I get up, jump in the bathroom: four walls and no ceiling, only trees and birds above me while I shower.
7h20: We have breakfast of muesli, yoghurt and fruits on the beach, looking at the climbers on the cliff above us. Then a strong “real” coffee as they call it here.
8h00: Yoga. Some days the yoga session lasts one hour, sone days two hours: in that case, the level is advanced and I laugh to myself while the others do the headstand: yeah, I’m not quite there yet.

10h00: we read on the beach, waiting for the hot sun to reach the part of the beach we lay in chaises longes.
11h00: I go swim for about one hour, towards the islands on the horizon. It looks like The Beach – the film. Then we take the sun for a while.

12.30: I have my usual lunch: spicy coconut soup with king prawns. Amazing.

13.30: I go for a nap, either back in the bungalow or anywhere else. You can nap anywhere in Tonsai.
15.00: It’s really hot now. We set camp in the shade of a café where we drink organic iced tea, real coffee or fruit shakes, while reading in hammocks until the day cools down. Sometimes we watch a film, too.

18h00: it’s getting cooler, we sit up, play cards or go for a walk. Then we have a shower, apply after sun cream because we burnt in the morning and we go to dinner
19h00: dinner of the same coconuty soups, pad thai or salads.

20h00: Re energising massage session and in one case: acupuncture.

21h30: We share a cocktail at the local bar, comfortably settled on Thai cushions, watching people juggle and spit fire. We laugh, we clap, we chat with others. Pretty soon I’m tired: I have to wake up early for yoga.
Midnight: we put down the mosquito net in our bungalow and go to sleep. I sleep so well in Ton Sai.

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  1. supeeeerrrr, profites bien, mais fais attention de ne pas trop t'attacher afin de ne pas avoir envie d'y rester.....
    Plein de bisous pour vous deux !