Thursday, September 16, 2010

Easy Riders

For two nights in Dalat we stayed at the Peace Hotel on 64 Truong Cong Dinh St. It was a great place to stay. The rooms were super cheap at $10 and the staff was friendly and very helpful. The rooms were more than ok, especially for the value, and it had a central location. There is a café downstairs that sells decent and very cheap food. The whole place has a great vibe.

Often sitting in the café downstairs are the Dalat Easy Riders. This is a company of Vietnamese motorbike riders who will take you, pretty much, anywhere you want to go. The guys have great English and have a wealth of experience both riding motorbikes and of travelling Vietnam. We had a number of conversations with them over the few days we were there. They can get a bit frustrating, always asking you if you want a tour, but that comes with the territory. Already having a bike made it very easy for us to say we didn’t need their services.

For those travelling without their own wheels, I suggest considering a trip with Easy Riders. In my opinion, the best way, by far, to travel Vietnam is by motorbike, and the easy riders bikes are damn comfortable according to Celine who took one around Dalat and came back saying it was like being on a sofa, which she never says about OUR bike, because our bike gives us bum cramps.

Many people obviously don’t feel comfortable riding a bike themselves so this option allows you to get off the beaten track. They cover many of the roads we have or will take on our trip which gives you a great experience of some of the lesser explored parts of Vietnam. Most tourists coming to Vietnam go to Hanoi, HCMC, Halong Bay, Sapa and the beach resorts up the east coast. Travelling with Easy Rider will take you to places very few foreigners go, travelling through small villages and across some amazing landscapes. They charge, however this can vary, around $60 a day which includes virtually everything; accommodation, food, petrol etc.

If anyone wants any info check out their website, Easy Riders, or send me a message as I know some good guides.

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