Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My wedding ring

My beautiful wedding ring is nothing but a blob thanks to my stupidity. I threw it, albeit accidentally, into a big bonfire which you can imagine is a rather intelligent thing to do. Celine and I found the ring in a cool little store in San Francisco before we got married in Las Vegas in 2008. We both really like the ring and spent more than our decided budget to get it.

Despite its now somewhat changed shape I am very happy to have it back which I have to thank the eagle eyes of my old man who went sifting through the ash of the fire the following day. Thanks Dad. Lets hope I can melt it down again and make another ring or maybe a necklace. Celine took the news very well, one because she is a champion and two because, well, she and I both know she is prone to losing or misplacing things or a regular basis :)

Moral of the story: if its cold and your fingers have shrunk, take off your dangerously loose wedding ring while spending multiple hours carting large branches to a bonfire. Today's idiot award goes to me.

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