Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sydney to Saigon

Bondi Beach - yesterday

I am now safely in Saigon after meeting up with Celine last night. We met at the airport before grabbing a taxi into district 1 to our hotel. I am happy to be back in Vietnam but I had a great time in Australia. It was a lot of fun catching up with a lot of you and for those I didn't, I hope to be back sometime soonish. A big shout out to my grandparents, Delia and George, for letting me stay with you and providing many laughs.

One part I love about travelling is the contrasts. Yesterday morning I was in Sydney, sipping a cappuccino on the beach, chatting to two of my brothers about my upcoming trip. Yesterday evening I was back to the humidity, smells, constant noise and general exciting craziness that is urban Vietnam. Sydney was quiet and organised; a structured city where rules are the norm. Vietnam is a mess of activity where life goes by in an unstructured way. There is a sense of freedom here that you don't experience in "Fines Apply" Sydney. It is a different pace here as well with a constant flow of bikes and people creating an ongoing buzz. Sydney has fresh air and clear blue skies. Saigon is noisy and polluted where unusual smells can be smelt around every corner. Both cities have there positives and negatives but I love the fact that I can experience both in one day.

Views from our hotel - this morning

We went out for a beer after we checked into the hotel. It was nice to practice my Vietnamese again with the extremely friendly South Vietnamese people. Today we are going to explore the city before meeting Vietnamese friends and taking a night bus down to Phu Quoc island.

Celine and are are very excited about the next month - taking the trip we have always wanted to do since arriving in Vietnam. Again, it was great to catch up with you all in Sydney. Looking forward to seeing some of you come over for a visit soon.


  1. I wish I could say it was a pleasure seeing you Dingers, but, I know I speak for all present at the Sporties on Sunday night when I say it definitely wasn't. I don't think the hole in the hole or our own dignity, will ever recover.

    Best Wishes.

  2. Actually there are a few spots in that city that are fairly structured and organized. Downtown area and Phu My Hung come to mind.
    Have fun and post a lot of pictures. It's always been a nagging daydream of mine to travel the length of VN by motorbike; Something which sadly, won't get fulfilled by me anytime soon.

  3. transcendentalneonblob: agree with you completely about the organised part of HCMC. I have since discovered the area and was somewhat surprised with the inner city.

  4. you are so gay harding

  5. Bowlsk: the poice are currently searching for the source of the print in the wall; a rather ironic sitaution I feel. As for your dignity, it is a bit rich to pass any blame on me; you lost yours a long time ago.

  6. A big shout out to Mr open-minded; I love anything creative Brett A Watkins. Keep enjoying the box you live in mate.