Saturday, September 18, 2010

On the road, 11 days of stats

Number of days on the road: 11
Number of rainy days on the road: 1
Kilometres travelled: 1,085km
Number of coffees consumed: I would think around the 50 mark
Number of accidents: 0 (Woooooooooo Hooooooooo - touch wood)
Number of breakdowns: 0
Number of flat tires: 1
Number of times scared shit less by an approaching bus or truck: at least 15
Number of dragonflies who have undergone a kamikaze mission into my face: 5 (man that hurts)
Number of times we have got lost or taken a wrong turn: 1 (my fault). Seriously, how good is my co-pilot?
Number of hotel rooms above $15 per night: 0
Number of hotel rooms with a bathtub: 0
Number of hotel rooms on the beach: 2
Number of times kids have waved and shouted "Hello": uncountable
Number of pictures taken: around a 5000
Number of absolutely awesome pictures taken: around a 1000
Number of those absolutely awesome pictures taken by me: 3
Number of random cuddles from Vietnamese women to Celine: 3
Number of times people touched my bald head: around 20
Number of times men stroked my arm or leg hair: around 10
Number of new friends made: Plenty
Number of conversations in Vietnamese only: a few everyday
Number of inappropriately long stares at us: 1000
Number of bicycle treks we did: 1
Number of bicycle treks we enjoyed: 0
Number of days to go: 7


  1. Hey Ding! I just saw your comment on my blog, the password is just below the video, below the title. I don't want to write it here, but look closer and you'll see it. Enjoy!

  2. And also to add: Number of times I made a kid cry: at least 15. I knew i wasn't the most photogenic guy out there but seriously, these little kids are dinting my confidence. :)

  3. Never was a statistics person - numbers are just not my thing but these are impressive. Glad the photo count is well up there. I have anew camera which I am being re-introduced to as MUST get one of my pics on your blog. Dan - What are you doing to beautiful innocent children. So interesting to read this while I am doing my own research. Can't believe I'll be there soon.