Saturday, October 23, 2010

Exams are over

The last few weeks have been rather hectic. A lot has happened and I have been very busy. We went on an amazing trip to Sapa to see our friend and her newborn baby, saw the arrival of my Mum and younger brother for a few weeks trip in Vietnam and did my best to cram for my exams. I am studying abroad here. I am finishing off my BA in Finance from an Australian University. I sit my exams at the British Council; an English language school. I have now sat 4 exams and each time I have been the only one in the examination room. A lady sits with me while I do my exam. She is a sweet lady in her thirties and takes her role very seriously. Any thoughts of paying her a little cash on the side so I could bring my book in was quickly squashed when she followed the exam regulations to the letter.

Each time I had to turn off my phone and place it face up under the table. Usual story for an exam. Then she proceeded to read me the examination rules. Each time she would read "No talking in the exam", "No copying off other people in the exam" and "Don't disturb others while sitting the exam". This made me smile and I would reply with some stupid response that she didn't completely understand. She has read the rules to me 4 times now and each time I humour myself with a little joke. Maybe next time I won't be the only person in the examination room and the rules will have some degree of relevance.

It is very chilled sitting and doing the exam on your own. My lady helper fills up my water bottle when I am empty. Now that is service. But now, most importantly, the exams are over and I can relax and spend my time showing the family around.

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