Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nose Picker

Teaching kids is a lot of fun. At times they can be naughty and it is often hard to control the class but generally it is a fun experience. You really don't know what you are going to get from them each lesson which makes it interesting.

I have started teaching a few classes of little ones; 6-8 years old. They are just starting out in English so it is basic stuff (even I can grasp it). I only have them for 20-30 minutes so I play a game, introduce new vocabulary, drill as a class and then individually before another quick game at the end.

As I drill individually, I often have to squat to meet their eyes. Yesterday, as I squatted to a small girl or 6, I asked her to say the words I pointed to in a book. I pointed to a picture, which happened to be for the word "SMILE", however she read it as shove my finger up my nose. I had a little snigger and asked her again. She proceeded to dig deeper into her nostril but to her credit managed in a soft, unassuming tone...."smile", which sounded more like "SMI". I left laughing, moving onto the next kid, as she continued to navigate her nostril.

I love it how kids just don't get societies social rules. As a teacher you often get to see and hear some funny things.

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