Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Going to the gym

I've been going to the gym everyday since we've been back. Every single day, I exercise for a couple of hours. I'm very proud, it's good for me and it makes me much happier and more active than I was this dreadful summer.

My gym is ultra modern, which is not the best for more spiritual activities such as yoga or meditation, but excellent for cardio, because....

Do you know what’s good about an exercise bike with its own TV screen wired on the guidon? I’ll tell you: it’s pedaling while watching a film, which will get you on the bike for huge chunks of time without you even realising it’s been so long.

Last Wednesday I stayed 45 minutes on there, delightfully watching “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, laughing away. Today, I caught a police investigation movie starring Sandra Bullock and the ever so beautiful Ryan Gosling and watched all of it. That’s over 90 minutes on the bike, pedalling away, starring into Ryan’s eyes. (Yes, he's like... 18 in that film. But love knows no age, and in reality we're exactly the same age. We were born the same day)

When I got off the bike I could barely walk. It will hurt tomorrow, but I’m happy anyway. I had never in my life pedalled for an hour and a half in a gym, I get too bored way before that mark.

And that's why you need a TV screen wired ON your exercise bike!

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  1. I like that idea, entertainment6 while you get fit. Very impressed at 90 minutes pedalling - great stuff. Maybe I could manage a few minutes, even if only for the photo opportunity:)