Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Unacceptable Behaviour

Celine was pushed while riding her bike yesterday. She was pushed by a policeman. Whenever their is a VIP in town they are ferried around town by way of police escort. Big black cars zoom along the roads with cops on bikes, sirens blaring, at the front and rear.

These cops were wearing a white uniform, one I am not familiar with, and were obviously in the mood to make their presence felt. First, one of the cops, while riding his bike, veered to the side of the road where a teenager was riding without a helmet. He swung his batton at the kid who ducked to aviod the impact. As you can imagine if he had connected their could be serious concequences.

After that this guys decides that Celine is not out of the way enough so he rides over and gives her a push. I don't know if he knew she was a foreigner or not but it is hardly the point. Treating their own people like this is terrible. It was extremely dangerous, both swinging a batton at a kid and pushing Celine, both while they were riding. I wonder what they would have done if either of them fell off their bike. I can't see them stopping to check on anyones wellbeing. It really made me angry.

If you hear or see a VIP transport coming through the city I strongly suggest getting right out of the way.

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