Saturday, October 30, 2010

Time for a new passport

I am due for a new passport in 2012; something I am looking forward too. Firstly, I hate my 2002 photo. I have travelled quite a bit since I got the passport so I am reminded of the photo quite a bit.

Secondly, immigration officials, especially in Vietnam, seem to question if it is actually me. Each time I return I get inquisitive looks. One time recently I got the full work over. An older man wearing glasses grabbed my passport, looked at my picture and gave me a stern look. His face didn't move, his expression unchanged. All he did was repeatably roll his eyeballs from the picture back to me. I watched his eyes go back and forward between me and the picture at least four times.

I smiled. He didn't budge. I didn't know what to do so I looked away. The whole situation was getting a little awkward when he finally stamped the passport and gave me a suspicious look. I could feel his prying eyes burning the back of my head as I quickly walked away.

Damn passport photo.

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  1. what happened to that nice young man? What a cnut you have become