Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ding's vietnamese conversations

No, I'm sorry, I shouldn't make fun, but that's what happens when one is too lazy to keep up with his Vietnamese lessons although he still lives in Vietnam and therefore is bound to have to speak Vietnamese from time to time.

Today, we met Phuong and Ly, our two grown up friends whom we know through Marine, my best friend. In the 45 minutes we spent with them (eating bun oc, YES, I had promised Ly I would try and she didn't forget, she made me eat it today... aaargh... bun oc means 'snails noodles', just so you know) Dan came up with a few classics...

I will translate what he said in English, of course. First, what he meant to say then what he actually said.

Dan trying to say: "I'm very busy".
Said: "I'm very pen".

Dan trying to say: "Snails noodles? Yes, I've eaten it before".
Said: "Snails noodles? Yes, I understand it already".

Dan trying to say : "I like the noodle soup from Hue"
Said: "I like Hue street" (actually a street in Hanoi)

To the question: "why are you going to Thailand?"
Dan answered: "Yes."

Lol. What a cutie pie.

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  1. Oh man, Ding is pretty gifted with languages. Tom says that that post just proves how white he is.

    p.s. I started a new public blog here: www.thislittleport.blogspot.com
    p.p.s. Dan, are you proud of me? I'm throwing caution to the wind!