Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tết is back!!

Here we are again, it's Tết in a few days. The Vietnamese new year (same as the Chinese new year) is on February 3rd this year, and man do we feel it approaching over here.

The streets are packed with people doing their Tết shopping before Hanoi shuts down for two weeks and with motorbikes and trucks transporting Tết trees, the kumquat tree. There's another Tết tree, but I have no idea how it's called. You know, the one with the little pink flowers? The traditional Chinese New Year tree, I believe. People hang some Tết red and gold decorations on them.

It's nice around Tết in Vietnam, there's a feeling of excitement as everyone is preparing to go home to their home town and enjoy a couple of weeks off from work. We ourselves are taking forced holidays, we'd rather not as we need the money before our big move to Thailand, but there's little choice. Our schools close for over two weeks. So, ok, it'll be packing and boxing time!


  1. The blossom tree are either peach, plum or cherry trees in blossom. Used all over asia to celebrate new year. Happy New Year Dan. Have a great one!

  2. Chine new year is coming back. Happy new year


  3. hey hey hey :D happy new year :D
    it's Linh of the 4D class ^^
    the one with the little pink flowers-- is peach flower and it is absolutely not "the traditional Chinese New Year tree" :-< that kind of flower is only ours man B>

  4. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing....