Friday, January 28, 2011

Rang Hanoi

I went for a dental check up a few days ago. There are a few western dental clinics in Hanoi but I opted for a Vietnamese one that was recommended by a friend. The teeth were ok but I needed a clean. A young technician worked away for about 30 minutes doing a great job. My dentist was professional and had good enough English; explaining everything I needed to know. The facilities were very good.

The shortfall was the price. For a check-up by a dentist and a thorough dental clean the price came to a grand $4. Yes.... $4. Even after a year and a half here I am still sometimes left amazed at how cheap some things are. I don't know the price back home but I would guess at least 10 times more expensive. Fillings are very cheap as well - about $5 according to my friend.

Check out their website at Rang Hanoi if you are after some cheap, quality dental care in Hanoi.

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  1. Well yeah, that's Vietnam for you. Here in the US, even in a medium size city like this one, it cost me 45 bucks to do the cleaning. How I miss the pricing back home...