Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We've told you before: It's cold at the moment. Like... really cold.

After a day in town, there's nothing like a hot chocolate at home, under the quilt, with House on TV and a bit of knitting... A few weeks ago I bought some wool, and with the help of youtube started a scarf, for Dan. I needed Youtube for the bits my mum always did for me when I was little, which is... I don't even know how to call it in English... er... putting the wool around the needle for the very first rank of knitting, and also when the knitting in over, I never could do the finishing bit. Anyway, my mum is not here so I needed youtube to explain to me how to do those two things. You can learn anything online nowadays, and the Internet is full of little explanatory videos on how to do those knitting things.

So, there, I'm half way through a scarf, which is quite ugly but Dan will probably wear anyway, just to be nice. When we get to Bangkok, he won't ever need it again and will probably throw it away, but still, I'm happy!

Gaby honey are you proud of me??


  1. Hi, quick translation, casting on and casting off :-) I am well impressed with the scarf, good work!

  2. JE suis fière DE TOI.....comme quoi tout ce que l'on apprend quand on est môme....ça reste !!!! en fait le tricot, c'est comme le vélo, on n'oublie jamais ..... bravo, l'écharpe est bien et les couleurs sont sympas.....

  3. I'm so, so proud! It looks beautiful! I never get to wear the scarves that I make, too damn hot here. p.s. thank god for youtube! It taught me to crochet :)