Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter in the classroom

Kids come to class and study in their little coats, scarves and beanies. It's freezing in the classrooms, so much so that schools actually close when the temperature goes under 10 degres Celsius. You'd think it's still the kind of temperature where people can function normally, but not here: because there is nowhere to go to in order to escape the freezing humid cold... everywhere is cold: in the house, in the shops, in the bus, at school, at work, everywhere.
In Seoul it's much colder but as soon as it becomes too much, you can just walk in any cafe or shop and a wave a warmth takes you in as soon as your foot is in the door. Here in Hanoi, shops are completely open, I mean they're missing a whole wall, cafes are open onto the street, restaurants too, and houses also. There's no heating, it's cold all the time. We sleep with a little electric heater facing right at us, it's the only way to sleep.
At school, we have to take our shoes off and the windows are broken... not nice when it's so cold. This morning I took pictures on the littles kids all rugged up, doing their lines and their wordsearches, oblivious... aren't they cute?

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