Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I am cold

A cold snap has descended on Hanoi. The last week has been below average with temperatures around the 9-10 degree mark. That is usually not so bad but as Celine mentions Hanoi is not set up for the cold weather. There is no heating so life consists of moving from one cold place to another. Our house is freezing. We have a few small heaters that we all huddle around but that does little to shake the bite. Our school has no heating and most shops are the same. We are constantly rugged up in multiple layers waiting for this unusually cold weather to pass.

Riding around on motorbikes is usually such an enjoyable experience but at the moment it is a battle. Our schools are about 30 minutes from home and even with four layers, gloves and a scarf the cold burns your skin as you ride. It is especially nice when you get to school and they tell you your class has been cancelled. Cheers.

Today is especially cold which means wherever you go it's cold. Our house is an ice box. Your only solace is a few western cafes which have invested in a heating system. I am really looking forward to it getting a bit warmer which I am told is only a few days away.

Despite the recent cold, on my ride home at night I still manage to see a few Vietnamese huddled around the ice cream stand, hands shaking as they attempt to enjoy their ice cream. Crazy.

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