Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Eating Crickets

Celine studying the menu...........somewhat shocked

A big plate full of crickets...........Yum

My quest of eating all that is weird and wonderful in Vietnam continued a few days ago when I found crickets on the menu. Celine and I had lunch at a place called Highway 4 and the crickets baked in pig fat seemed to good to pass by. They were tasty as well and compliments must be passed onto the chef. I washed them down with a delicious xeo liqueur which made for a great meal on a chilly winters day.


  1. Dan..... I think really you're CRAZY, totally CRAZY !!! and I tell you BEURK.....
    so, I send to you just some LITTLE kisses !

  2. Coucou on y est!!! maman et papi mamie sont arrivés hiers soir a St Julien.;Christine et Charlotte arrive vers 11h..
    Pieds paquets prévu a midi,réveillon light se soir(foie gras,saumon,moules,enchoiade,terrine de faisan fait par mes soins et l'incontournable champagne plus tout le reste...Le 25 a midi civet de lièvre fait toujours par mes soins...pas trouvé de crikets sous la neige ...
    bien évidemment c'est en pensant aux absents que nous festoiront gaiement...
    de grosses bises a vous deux Joyeux Noel et @+