Thursday, December 31, 2009

I passed!!!!

What better way to see in the New Year than as a successful French speaking student. That's right, I passed Beginners French and in the New Year will be moving up to Elementary 1. My overall grade was 75% which I think is acceptable. My final writing exam was a woeful 60% which is why I am writing this post in English. Grammar was never my strong point which must give a whole lot of faith to all my students :).

My next course starts on the 11th and I will be doing some catching up with Celine (her suggestion) on the grammar so I can hit the ground running next year. I have really enjoyed learning French and look forward to speaking more than a few sentences.

Bonne Année d'Hanoi


  1. Félicitations Ding..... de la part de Chandler, et quand tu arriveras au prochain niveau, tu pourras écrire en français, tu es fantastique !!!!

  2. Félicitations Dan, à bientôt de te lire en français!!!
    bisous à vous deux
    ps:l'appartement est super!!!