Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I thought I would add one more quick post to finish off the year. I am writing this at 6pm and the atmosphere on the streets is already starting to pick up. People are out and about but more so just on the roads which makes it longer to get around. I recently dropped Celine off at school who will finish work at 9.30pm tonight. We are going to meet in the Old Quarter at a bar to see in the New Year.

I have decided I will leave the bike at home and walk into town. That is going to be a 5km hike (just checked on May My Run) from our new place but I am looking forward to it. The weather is chilly but bearable and it is about time I wasn't in a rush to get somewhere and took a moment to take it all that is happening around me. I plan to leave soon which will give me a good couple of hours to wander into town finding some fun on the way. Without a doubt I will stuff my face with the wonderous street food on offer and knock back a few beers while hopefully sharing a few stories with locals.

I will update you on my shananigans in my next post.

Until then Happy New Year and I hope you have enjoyed our blog.


  1. oui votre blog est très intéressant, très varié et souvent très amusant.... des photos, des vidéos, un superbe album pour nous qui sommes loin de vous !!!! merci à tous les deux.
    J'espère pour vous que 2010 sera une très bonne année et que vous serez toujours aussi heureux ensemble...

  2. Coucou les amoureux d'Asie.
    bonne et heureuse année 2010.Je vous souhaite de beaux jours et de belles nuits.
    Il est possible que vous soyez contactés par Hélio,le fils du frère de Laurent(mon neveu)qui passe par Hanoi pour descendre au sud du pays.Je lui ai passé vos coordonnées en cas d'urgence.Merci de l'aider si nécessaire.
    Je vous embrasse et je vous aime.Rosy

  3. Bien évidemment nous vous souhaitons une année 2010 ( et les suivantes )enchanteresse.

  4. Happy New Year Kiddies!!
    Great to here your having a cracker of a time. New place looks pretty swish. Loving the blog, so glad I get to keep up to date with what you guys are up to. You'd be bored to tears with ours if we were to start one. Christmas break was good although never long enough.
    Congrats on your French pass Dan. About time right! Celine, your looking beautiful as ever. Your working long and hard it seems. Must be time for a holiday to Thailand or Laos soon no?
    Daniel has just started a new role in the sales team at work so things are a little different for him at the mo. My company asked me to go full time and offered me a great package to do so therefore I couldnt refuse. Morgage here we come. Yay us!
    Anyway hope your Chrissy and New Year was as special as it sounded. Miss you guys. Might see you soon yeah.

    xx Jem