Monday, December 7, 2009

UN International Volunteer Day

On the weekend Celine and I went to the United Nations International Volunteer Day. We were invited to the event by our Vietnamese teacher, a social worker concentrating on projects to support sufferers of HIV/AIDS.

The event had stalls for all the different organisations and projects that are working in Vietnam. Our aim was to get an understanding on what type of programs there are in Vietnam and how we can help. We were able to talk to different people and gauge and understanding on what their organisation does. The projects range from supporting the disadvantaged to those battling diseases. Many were concentrating on the enviroment and animal protection.

We now definately have some options which we can hopefully fit into our schedule. For now it looks as if we will be helping on the project for sufferers of HIV. The aim is education and raising their self esteem. I will be talking to groups explaining some simple terms of business and how they can manage their money. These simple yet important things are not understood which makes it very hard for them to fit into mainstream society. I may not be the best to pass on monetery advice as I don't practice what I preach but hey, as long as they are learning something that is beneficial in someway then it is all worthwhile.

Celine is looking at helping in anyway she can and there looks to be the options of teaching English classes or even socalising and/or playing games. Sufferers of HIV/AIDS feel isolated and are looked down upon in society so friendly interaction will help tremendously in their lives.

Once we have more details on what exactly we are doing we will let you know.

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