Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Computer Street

As I have previously mentioned, Hanoi's streets are often categorised based on the goods or services they offer. I don't usually refer to a street based on it's actual name, instead using it's practical name; for example, shoes street, food street, chicken street, phone street, white goods street and computer street.
I have had numerous computer problems since arriving in Hanoi and I have found these awesome guys on Ly Nam De Street or as I call it; computer street. They have helped me replace a screen, reload my operating system, replace something to technical for me to explain and most recently remove a virus which had removed all our pictures. The cost, with the exception of the screen, has never been more than $15. Sometimes the guys have worked on the laptop for hours. The virus, which Celine and I were stressed about, took about 15-20 minutes to fix and they charged us nothing. We were very happy.
What's even better is that they don't only offer a computer service. In the glass shelves on the left hand side of the shop you will also find running shoes, jeans and diet pills. It's an unusual choice of goods for sale but if you have a problem with your keyboard and also want to lose weight then this is the place for you.
Thanks guys. You're awesome!


  1. what's the name of the shop or it's number? my netbook is misbehaving! Thanks!

  2. Hi Karen,

    I am not sure of the name and number. Sorry. But it is on Ly Nam De street. The Chillout cafe is directly opposite whih is 89A Ly Nam De. So, if you go there you will find, I think, 3 small computer shopson the other side of the road. The one I go to is the shop furthest on the right. Hope this helps.

  3. Can we get computer software in that shops or also in Ly Nam De Street?