Sunday, June 20, 2010

No Electricity

There is only one thing worse than painfully hot weather and that's painfully hot weather with no electricity. In the past week we have had several power cuts, one lasting an entire day. I have received numerous reasons for the power outages however i think I found the main cause in a recent article I read. Apparently, in preparation for the 1,000 year celebrations of Hanoi the government is doing maintenance work on a number of the energy grids. This is going to continue until the end of June. Sometimes the power is out for only a short period and some much much longer. It is definitely not the most opportune time with temperatures hitting 40 degrees.

Our house is like a sauna and I sweat just sitting down watching TV. Our air-con investment has been a life saver and we still live under it when we are not outside. The joy of the power outage is that you don't know when it is going to happen and often for how long. We came home late last night, after watching the Australia game, to find most of our neighbours sitting on an old cement pipe at the end of our lane way. There must have been twenty of them, all from nearby houses, waiting for the electricity to come back on. We said our hellos, as we know them all pretty well now, and went inside. It was terribly hot and we went to bed feeling rather uncomfortable. We looked up at our Samsung air-con, willing it to come back on. About ten minutes later the BEEP BEEP sound arose out attention and the wonderful little green light flashed. We were saved but the question is; for how long?

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