Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Calm in the storm

The weeks to come will be very busy, I’m not sure how we will manage to post anything at all, but Dan seems confident enough… you probably won’t hear all that much from me but I promise I’ll try to say hi as often as I can.
I try to keep calm in the midst of so many hours of work in so many different settings, I try to keep organised but some days it just gets to me nonetheless.
So this morning I went to my first meditation session, at Zenith’s Yoga: one full hour of undisturbed meditation in a group, just trying to quiet the mind, followed by 75 minutes of Yoga. It was a great start andd I felt relaxed the rest of the day and I even got lots of work done.
Tonight, I went back to the Yakushi clinic, where I usually go to get acupuncture, which by the way works wonders on me: I have more energy, more motivation and I am a lot more positive about the upcoming weeks since my acupuncture session last week, where I was treated for feeling overwhelmed and stressed too easily… anyway I went back today for a massage: a lymphatic drainage or 60 minutes of pure relaxation with followed benefits such as detox and elimination of water retention. It costs hundreds of euros at home. It cost $10 here. Dan came too, he got a Qi massage and met my adorable and oh so insightful doctor, Dr Thuy. It was amazing. I love my new found holistic ways to relax, our philosophy of making moments for ourselves even when everything around us is crazy busy and I love Vietnam!


  1. I love Vietnam too... 10$ OMG... I want to live in Hanoï !!!

  2. Hi Celine,
    Just come back from my own acupuncture appointment. Doing meditation every morning but seems to often turn into snoozing - body very relaxed but mind and spirit off the premises. Good luck to you both with the big workload.
    Lots of love Suey xxx