Sunday, May 30, 2010

Crazy kids

Everything is crazy right now. I’m teaching in three different schools, working from home on what is supposed to be a full time schedule and helping Dan out with preparing his 4 daily lessons. It’s full on, especially considering I have yoga in the mornings and dentist appointments every week. Pff. Haven’t had time to “make moments in Hanoi” in the last few days, that’s for sure
This said I’m pretty good, keeping busy keeps me happy!
I’ve just finished marking my Starters 1 tests: starters 1 are little kids who never heard any English before the beginning of their course and speak to me in long vietnamese sentences, not having a clue as per why I don’t seem to understand them... They are too young to even grasp the concept of languages. One of them pooped his pants a couple of months ago, in class, so you see they are not very old. He’s five, so you know. That happens. In my class only though apparently, what does that mean??
Anyway, they are very little, between 6 and 8 years old, extremely cute and very funny too. Here are some quotes from the tests:

Little boy Huy:
Write in letters:
12: wtalerve
14: forethin
16: xicthin
17: tenenthin
19: Niger (???)

Little girl Mai:
(5 apples on the picture) There are phai apples
(15 balloons on the picture) There are thaiteen balloons
(12 candles) There are theoteen candles

little boy Manh:
How old are you?
I’m seven are old

Lol, it makes me laugh just looking at it again.
Sometimes I’ll quote some of my teens or adults essays too. Some stuff is so funny I swear, all the teachers make each other read stuff and we all p*ss ourselves laughing. The one I have in mind right now was from a serious enough young teen, about 13 I think (not my student) who wrote at the end of his essay “thank you for reading! Goodbye! Goodbye! Fuck!”
We assumed he didn’t really know what that meant, but boy did we laugh.


  1. Loved this. Especially as I just posted a comment to Dan and couldn't spell something I wanted to say. Maybe you should send me some of your lessons for revisors :)It is cold and wet here. I checked it out for you guys and I am told by a very self confident ipod that it is 27 degrees.
    Glad you are happy and busy. xxxSuey

  2. so much fun can be found in a class of little children, which inspires me to keep teaching. Love the posted stuffs =))