Friday, May 21, 2010

Photo of the Week # 1

We recently bought a new camera, a Canon Powershot SX210 IS, thanks to the motivation provided by our recently departed couch surfers. They had the SX200 model and we just loved it. With the incentive of actually taking some decent photos and the arrival of some needed funds by an awesome Grandmother (love ya Dele) the purchase was sealed. We opted for the latest model and excitedly walked away with our new toy.
Since the purchase, only a few days ago, we spent an afternoon at our local pool. The pool overlooks Hanoi's West Lake and as the sun was going down I chatted to a local fisherman and soon after took this shot of him doing what he does every day.
This is not an amazing photo I profess but they are a work in progress - I have not yet downloaded an English guide for the camera, instead having to rely on the three words of Japanese I know to read the one that was provided.
I hope to add a Photo of the Week, each week going forward; the best photo for whatever reason that we took while living in Hanoi. I expect most of the best shots will come from Celine who has a creative flair for photography, so I will enjoy my week in the spotlight, where my photo has the prestigious position of Photo of the Week.


  1. and....a BIG THANK to Granny !!!

  2. And a big thankyou to you Chandler. You are the only person who always leaves comments. We appreciate it. Thank you

  3. Right I am shamed into it. What a slack mother - reading and enjoying but not commenting. Great about the new camera. Dele will be so pleased. Funny how the sights you live with every day seem so remote and exotic. Great first photo!
    :) Suey xxx