Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Whinging Foreigners

You know what really grinds my gears, apart from Lindsay Lohan, its whinging foreigners. Before I have my vent let me be completely honest; I have my frustrations about living in Hanoi and sometimes I express these frustrations to my friends. I get annoyed, for instance I muttered under my breath to the lady who blatantly pushed in front of me in the petrol line today. I have also, at times, shouted not the kindest of words to cars and buses who scare me half to death with their piercing horns. Some things annoy me and at times I don't react in the best way. As with every country around the world there are always things that get under your skin and Vietnam is no exception.

What I really don't like are the whingers. I was at a cafe the other day where these two middle aged westerners were spending their whole time complaining about Vietnam. It started when one of them rolled their eyes and said to the friendly and smiling waitress,"No, I don't like that", in this, I think I am so damn special tone. I didn't see what it was that she didn't like but after the waitress apologised and walked away, the whinger said "Uh, I can't stand it when they do that. I don't even know why they bring them to me". Her tone continued and she was rude whenever the waitress returned.

At that point what I really wanted to do was go and bitch slap her, but unfortunately where I am from that is not socially acceptable and to be honest she was quite big so I was a little scared.

They both went on to complain about a driver on a recent tour they were on, the bad food at a restaurant and some other painstakingly boring garbage that I tried to tune out from. Not at one point did the conversation verge onto another topic. They seemed professional whingers, and I am sure there are a few of them around. These are probably people that don't embrace the culture of Vietnam at all and spend their time hidden inside modern, westernised cafes, just like the one we were in. In short, I can't stand them and suggest that if they don't like the place they go back home and spend their energy complaining about their own country.


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  2. you were born to be a good traveler, you can adapt yourself to the culture of the place where you are living and look at things with the positive mind. Don't bother yourself with those whingers :D

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