Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Vietnamese workers

How awesome is the womens floral hat on one of the workers is the background

About a month ago, at the top of the alleyway to our house, a big pile of dirt and around 10 workers arrived. They have been carting the dirt down the alleyway, past our house, to a work site that sits not to far from the river. They work everyday of the week, doing the same simple job.

They are all very friendly and say hello with a big smile every time we pass. Celine and I practice our Vietnamese with them (Celine much more successfully than me) and sometimes after work I bring a few beers for them. I ask them the basics; where are you from?, how old are you? and they ask me some basics in return; where is your baby?, why don't you have a baby?.

They are from a city a few hours south of Hanoi called Thai Binh. Most of them are 19 years old and they all sleep at the work site. I still have no idea what they are doing. Every day a big truck comes and dumps another massive pile of dirt in which the boys systematically cart it down the alleyway time after time. We once tried to go and see what they were doing but in their friendly way shook their head and told us not to go in their. I am intrigued now; they are either working on some secret mission or building the worlds biggest sand (dirt) castle.

I don't know when they will leave but it has been enjoyable having them around; whether it be for a chat, a beer or dodging them every time they come flying around the corners of the alley.

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