Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What the f&*k is that?:Part 2

Well it has happened again. I have seen something for sale which I have no idea what it is. At a local market I found an array of interesting and unusual things for sale, including snakes, star fish, sea horses, lizards and a big bucket full of alien like slugs. The slugs or worms slowly moved around in an eerie way which makes me gasp to think they are actually eaten. Again, I am usually up for trying something new but I think this goes beyond my realms of acceptance.

The best information I could get out of the locals was that they are good for your health; a common reply to the weird and wonderful things often found on sale.

I am hoping that any readers, biologists or slug lovers out there can explain what this creature is. Many thanks to the blogger who answered my first installment of What the f&*k is that? To read that post and the answer click here


  1. Looks delicious! Haha... good work in capturing that. Haven't seen that yet here, I'm sure I may have eaten some of that without knowing.

  2. I never want to know the name of those sickening creatures haha...u know, I'm really scared of things like that. However, they are thought to be especially good to "men's health" and helpful to treat some specific diseases :D

  3. vq girl: I think if you ate this creature you would know about it :) It is good to see another Aussie experiencing Vietnam. I look forward to reading your posts.

  4. Tung, "mens health" in what way? I always hear of things that are good for your health. The blood of the goat, that my Vietnamese friends loved giving me is supposed to be the Vietnamese version of Viagra. I wonder what these creatures are good for?