Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cheapest Kebab in the world!

If the fish on the bike is one of the coolest things in Hanoi then the doner kebab has to be one of my favourites. Before you say anything I am aware that a kebab is not the most authentic eating experience in Hanoi, but oh is it good. I am going to put this out there and say that it is probably the cheapest kebab in the world. The kebab stands are scattered throughout the city and you generally don't have to look too far to find one. They sell from between 12,000-15,000 VND which is under $1 US.
The kebabs are not cheap and nasty as you would find in most other countries. Here they are cheap and damn tasty. There are two kebab stands not too far from my house and I make regular stops, especially on my way home from work. At the moment my consumption of kebabs and pho (local Vietnamese noodle dish) are running neck and neck and would have to be into three figures now.
The kebabs are obviously not Vietnamese, however many locals think they are Korean, but these cheap tasty food stands which are all over the city are a small but well known part of the eating culture here. I heard that the New York Times did an article on the kebabs in Hanoi once. It makes sense, they are great.
If you are in Hanoi, make sure you dig your teeth into one.

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  1. Working my way through your posts as it is the sort of day to snuggle up with your computer and beasts. One question what meat is it or don't you ask?