Saturday, May 15, 2010


I recently caught a few planes to and from Malaysia. When the plane lands, as with every other plane I have caught, everyone is eager to grab their things and get off the plane. I can understand this. What I can't understand is why people will hurriedly jump up, pull down their bags and then wait standing in the isle for 5 plus minutes. It doesn't matter where I am flying in the world; the passengers do exactly the same thing.

Anyone who has travelled on a plane will know it takes at least a few minutes to get everything ready but still everyone jumps up in a rush somehow expecting to save themselves some time. Rarely do you make much ground.

I don't understand the logic. Is it impatience or am I missing something.


  1. You're missing the joy of relaxing, chilling out and watch everyone push and shove with too much luggage and then the chance for the dignified exit:) Suey