Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer of suffering

Summer has began and for us it means working. We have committed most of our available hours to teaching and since June 1, that is all we have really done. The next two weeks will be hectic with day and night teaching schedules however after that the nights will stop. Celine is working at three schools and me at two. Celine is also working on another project, teaching related, which is keeping her well and truly busy.

My aim is to get back to Australia for a few weeks at the end of August so the extra hours are welcome. The only problem is that I have final exams coming up in two weeks and the World Cup is soon to start. That is a lot to fit into a short period of time so unfortunately something will suffer as a result. I have a feeling that the blog may just be that thing. If there is a post drought over the next few weeks we are terribly sorry and can only point you in the direction of the 200+ insightful and wildly entertaining articles written to date :)

I must venture off now as I have 4 classes to prepare for tomorrow day and two in the evening.

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