Monday, August 10, 2009

Breathing Bangkok

The farewells were complete and the suitcase packed and it was time to say goodbye to normality and head into the unknown. It is fair to say I was not in tip top shape for my departure and the flight was less than appealing. I had spent at least 10 in the blood bin, was feeling the affects of the flu and was suffering back and neck pains. Not to be detracted from the fun ahead I decided with much success to sleep my way into Asia.

On arrival I went through the formalities of I think the second biggest airport in the world. Suvarnabhumi Airport can be a long walk to customs depending on where your plane lands. Mine was the case and at first I thought the weight of laptop bag was just the strained muscles feeling the affects. It turns out it was the bag full of loose change I had intended to give to my brother when leaving Sydney. I was carrying around a good couple of kilos of 10 and 20 cent pieces. Not the most practical addition when making the long term move to Asia.

After customs it was off to the baggage turnstile. I was really looking forward to grabbing a taxi and heading to my guesthouse. I am not sure about you guys but if you bag does not arrive in the first 10 minutes or so I start to have feelings I said something wrong at check in and my bag was on its way to Mexico. When no bags are coming out and you are virtually the last person left it seems that feeling way be a reality. Probably worried about me talking to myself which I was definitely doing at that point a nice Thai guy came and asked for my bag details. There was no reference in the system so I went to another section of the airport and filled out a few forms before I was sent away with mild assurances the bag would be sent to my guesthouse.

Hitting Bangkok is like hitting a sauna. The warmth grabs you. This and the smells of the city bring Asia to you at once. I grabbed a taxi and finally was on my way. I was heading to the Amarin Inn on Presumen Road which is 5mins from the famous Khao San Road. The taxi ride cost me 400 baht which is around $16 AUD. It is a good 45min trip from the airport so an acceptable price. The Inn is up a dark alley of about 30 metres which could be off putting at first but is very safe and quiet. I was happy to check in and drop off my bags, that being a small back pack, my laptop and the inclusive mass of Aussie change. The room was simple but nice. It had the necessities - air con - so I was happy. I had time to wash my face before my mate Ian knocked on door. He was finishing up his trip in Asia and was in town one more night before flying back to Sydney. With one of his other mates we took a dark alley stroll to Khao San Road and had a few beers catching up. After sampling my first taste of what the street vendors had to offer I went back to the guesthouse for what I felt a well deserved rest.

Thought of the day: Don't fly Jetstar!!!

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  1. Si on vient vous voir à Hanoï, on se concentrera pour ne pas choisir Jetstar !