Friday, August 14, 2009

Horiffic Hanoi

In the morning we took a walk to Phan Dinh Phung street north of the old quarter in search of a new neighbourhood. We (I) got a bit lost and it took us a while to find where we needed to go. Once there it had been about an hour so we took a break in a nearby restaurant. We got talking to the manager there and he was keen to help us get settled into Hanoi. After lunch he took us to his friends shop that deals in mobile phones and got my Aussie phone unlocked, got set up with a Vietnamese sim card and loaded a bunch of credit. By night time he was texting me away with possible places to live. He did say that Cristiano Ronaldo was “handsome” so I thought I might have to beware his intentions but it turns out that is not uncommon to say in Vietnam so all is safe. I think it is also fair to say I am no Cristiano Ronaldo and should worry more about my balding head than advances by helpful, friendly Vietnamese guys.

First there was queasiness, now down right gagging. As we passed a tree on Phan Dinh Phung I glanced at a lady squatting playing with what can be described as greenish brown slop on an inclined bit of cement surrounding the trees base. First look was of curiosity, second of sheer shock horror. The second look, one I don’t advocate to anyone, saw the bare bum of this lady with her pants sitting on her upper thighs. The time between the first and second look was the time for my brain to compute that here she was on a busy street of Hanoi playing with her faeces. It would have been one of those great times for a photographer taking split photos. He would have captured the moment as they say. I don’t know why it shocked me so much but the image is now deeply tattooed on my brain. The sight of my repeated dry reaching was enough to make Celine’s day. She was in hysterics, walking down the street in tears. Thanks for the support my love.

I had more things to say about today but they are unimportant now.

Thought of the day: Avoid the second look.

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