Friday, September 11, 2009

Why Hanoi is awesome

We have just moved into our new flat and we are both feeling relaxed. The month living with the family was great and I wouldn’t change anything (well?) but it is great to finally have our own place. With all our things moved in we decided it was needed to fill the fridge. We took a trip to the local supermarket, Hapro and stocked up on some needed supplies. We filled up three large plastic bags of goodies for a cost of $28. For this, Hanoi is awesome. Some of the stand outs that deserve a mention are; pho noodles with assorted condiments – 30 cents; 375ml bottle of Vietnam vodka - $1.50; large pack of Vietnamese Nems (fried pork rolls) - $1.20. Not included in the $28 Hapro run but equally impressive, a case of Carlsberg beer - $14.

With the fridge packed we hit the streets in search of a meal. In Hanoi, this is not hard to find with an abundance of choice on nearly every corner. We found a place with views of the busy street, friendly staff and most importantly great food. We had seafood, vegetables and five beers for 100,000 dong or around $7. For this, Hanoi is awesome.

After dropping our bags in our new flat my thoughts turned to the cable TV. I had all but given up watching any Australian sport while in Vietnam. Score updates on the internet or possibly an online radio were my best hopes. But no! Hanoi TV in fact has a grand selection of television and most importantly Australian sport. I am sitting here writing this post in my new lounge room watching the AFL final between the Western Bulldogs and the Brisbane Lions. Coming up next is the NRL game between the Melbourne Storm and the Manly Sea Eagles. There is rugby and English premier league plus tennis and much more. Vietnamese TV has a vast selection of channels. Vietnamese allows me to catch all the Australian sport. For this, Hanoi is awesome.

Our flat is great and pictures are to follow but I thought I should show you this little device I found in the bathroom. A hose connected to a small lever and nozzle sits near the toilet. I am sure there is a specific use but I have decided to multi task. In terms of an alternate to the old and trusty toilet paper, well, let’s just say it’s different. There is also the benefit of being able to wash your feet after a long and dusty walk through the streets. More importantly and defiantly more enjoyable is when you squat in an attacking position, aiming towards the door and waiting for movement. Concentrating and steady you slowly release the trigger straight into an unsuspecting Celine. For this, Hanoi is awesome.

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  1. Daniel James,

    As always, I find your writing intelligent, humorous, witty and interesting. Your word pictures ares also absolutely awe-inspiring. Please keep on writing as your words and pictures inspire both of us to reach greater and graeter heights in our boring humdrum lives.

    The only thing I would humbly ask is: please use spell check, as your spelling, as always, is appalling!!! (David)

    Spelling is anally retentive - it is the content that counts!!!! - love always, the illlitterate Suey xxxoooxxx