Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Weather In Hanoi

Question, who is the weather man in Hanoi and more importantly how does he still have a job? Predicting the weather can be a tough business, especially with all the modern technology being used these days. Without being unfair the weatherman is way off the mark in Hanoi. We have been in Hanoi close to a month now and in that time it has rained twice, no more than an hour each time. According to reports online August is generally one of the wettest months of the year. This year is obviously an exception because there has been little rain.

Based on historical data it is fair for the weather man to assume that it will rain quite a bit in the month of August. I think, in respect of the job, a degree of forecasting is necessary to give readers the most accurate picture. This has not been the case. The forecasting has been done but the accuracy is another thing.

Before leaving Sydney to come to Hanoi I was quite interested in what the weather would be like. After repeated searches over the closing weeks in Australia I can to the conclusion I would be rather wet when I arrived and should pack my umbrella; 7 days straight of thunderstorms and lighting at one point. On arrival that was not the case. Despite contradicting information online it has not rained much at all.

I decided to check online to see the forecast for the next few days. Keeping with tradition I am told there will be some thunderstorms and lightning. I will let you know if I get wet.

Dan dit que malgre le fait qo'on annonce sans cesse des pluie torrentielles et des orages a Hanoi, nous, on n'a vu la pluie que deux petites fois en un mois. Et il n'a pas plu longtemps. On ne sait pas pourquoi la meteo annonce tous les jours le deluge, alors qu'il fait tous les jours beau...


  1. So have you gotten wet?? You said you'd let us know.

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