Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In memory of Archie

I found out recently that one of the family dogs, Archie, had to be put down. It is never nice to lose a loved one especially when it is sudden. He was a playful, energetic and sometimes naughty little bugger and will be terribly missed, especially by my grandparents. I was thinking about him today so wanted to write a few words.

In other news Celine and I are well apart from the hole in Celine’s gum. It is an ongoing saga and hopefully a visit to the dentist this week will yield some results. I have a few tutoring jobs and have a few interviews coming up in the next few days about other work. I am going to French classes 3 times a week and I am virtually fluent now J I enjoy the classes and will be up early for another one tomorrow. We are also taking Vietnamese lessons as you know and that is our fun Saturday afternoon activity. We try to find time to stop at a café during the week to practice.

Our flat is going well however we might look for something a little cheaper when our lease expires next month. There are many options out there and we want to save money on rent so we can travel. Celine is working every day except Saturday so we are limited for a while on our day/night trips.

The weather has turned for the worst in the past few days and I have had to entertain the fact that I won’t be wearing thongs all year round. I am still persevering and have not put on a pair of socks for over 3 and a half months. I had to pull out the jacket for the first time on Sunday and was not impressed. Celine went straight to the shops today to buy some winter boots.

A few weeks ago now I was able to catch up with my friend Hana and her Dad who were doing a motorbike trip through Northern Vietnam. It was great to catch up with them while they were here. Where is everyone else though? Get off your bums and book a ticket. You have access to free accommodation and the number 1 tour guide in Hanoi.

That is about the gist of what is happening at the moment. Oh, I ate a donor kebab today. It was good!

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  1. ohhhhh Dan, I'm so sorry for Archie, your sadness and for your grandparents.....
    And, now, after yours french lessons....I hope you'll write me, especially for me, some french words !!!! please.....