Monday, November 16, 2009

Kangaroo Cafe

After 3 months of Vietnamese food Celine and I have been hit by a craving for some of our western favourites. A great place to go and get a burger, chicken schnitzel or an all day big breakfast is the Kangaroo Café. I heard about this place from a friend in Sydney. They operate as a café with some delicious western and local food but also specialise in organised tours. If you feel like something closer to home this place is a winner to sit back with a beer and a good cheap meal while looking through the tour options. They have tour groups to places like Sapa, Halong Bay and Ninh Binh amongst others.

As you walk around the old quarter you may get the impression you are walking in circles. Why? Because the Kangaroo café keeps appearing! Believe it or not but there are five Kangaroo cafes in Hanoi; four of them fakes. It seems Hanoi does not have the same copy write laws and if a brand works other people will happily copy it. I can’t vouch for the service provided by the fakes but the real Kangaroo café is understandably not to happy about them. Have a read of their website below and you will get a bit of an insight into some of the problems with doing business in Hanoi. You know you have your work cut out for you when you have to advertise on a big banner at the front of your shop “This is the 1 and only Kangaroo café. Be very careful of any imposter”

The real Kangaroo café is owned and run by an Aussie and can be found at:

Address: 18 Bao Khanh St, Hanoi
Recommendation: Big breakfast

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