Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Positives of hair loss

I used to dread getting a haircut. I had thin, stringy balding hair that unfairly decided to start vacating my scalp from a young age. The hairdressers mirror would always show me the truth and I spent my time there looking at shampoo bottles avoiding any contact with the guy staring back at me. I was self conscious about my hair loss and despite not being in denial about the reality I was definitely in denial about the best way to get around the situation. Years of different kinds of gel aimed to somehow hide the truth and give the thin, stringy battling strands some justice proved futile. Past pictures attested this point.

It wasn't until my younger brother offered some words of wisdom, possibly the only useful thing to come out of his mouth, that I was spurred into action.

He looked at me plainly and said "Why don't you just shave your head you f*&king idiot", or something inspirational like that. I did and I haven't looked back. It started with a number 3 on the clippers which gradually went down to a number 1. On arrival in Vietnam I took off the number one clip and just used the electric razor. The bald spot was getting bigger and more obvious you see.

Recently, I retired the electric razor to the back of the cupboard and returned, 4 years later, to the hairdresser. I had taken the final step on the road to baldness and went for the 0, or completely shaved head as they say. The past issues were nothing but a humorous memory.

This morning I went for my weekly head shave and had an awesome time. I had three young Vietnamese attending the delicate operation of removing the small amount of hair from my head. There were two cute girls and a guy, but for the purpose of the discussion lets not worry about him, shaving, shampooing and rubbing my head for missed bits. With my head as smooth as a pool ball I moved to a comfortable seat where my head and face was washed, cleaned and massaged. It was a treat and after 10 minutes of bliss I bid my farewell and parted with 50,000 VND or about $3. I look forward to my next visit.

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