Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Idiot of Hanoi competition

You may be interested to know that there is a new Idiot of Hanoi competition currently running. At the moment there is only one contestant; me. There may be other like minded fools around the city that continue to do stupid stuff but at the moment I am only aware of myself.

My latest gaffe was to throw 3 weeks worth of wages in the bin and subsequently take the bin downstairs for disposal. I spent 3 frustrating hours turning the house upside down looking in completely irrational places and saying words I shall not repeat. Hungry, tired and with sweat dripping, the small and pained bit of mass that calls itself my brain remembered taking out the rubbish earlier that morning. Surely I wouldn't have thrown a wad of Vietnamese bills, totalling well over $1,000 into the bin. Only an idiot would do that. Well, as it turns out that is exactly what I did and hence why I am the lead runner for biggest idiot prize.

Holding my nose to block out the stench I prodded and pocked my way through the disgusting rubbish to find at the bottom, amongst the rotten apple and bin juice, my money. Drenched in filth I had to individually hand wash and dry each bill. It was not an enjoyable process but I was happy to know my last few weeks of work were not in vain.



  1. Sorry ding but I laughed so much I almost had an accident. Juliaxxx