Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Food in Hanoi

I have often written posts on how wonderful the food in Hanoi is, mainly with reference to the tasty and authentic Vietnamese cuisine. I have also tried and written about many of the more adventurous things you can eat in Hanoi (with mixed feelings).

I haven't really written about all the food that is not Vietnamese and how spoilt for choice you are. You may not be aware but you can find virtually anything you want here at what are pretty reasonable prices. I have been to some great restaurants here from foods all around the world. There are some great Indian restaurants; Foodshop 45 and Tandoor, Moroccan; Le Marrakech, Ukrainian; Bud Mo just to name a very small few. There is Italian and French, Mexican or Russian. If you want Korean or Thai you have to worry about which place you will try. Australian or New Zealand beef can be found throughout the city as well as nearly any other kind of dish you can think of. I won't profess to be an expert on the best places to go because I have at least until now enjoyed sticking to everything Vietnamese.

The New Hanoian, a website for expats in Hanoi, has all the best restaurants in the city listed with reviews and suggestions. If you want to try some great restaurants while you are in Hanoi I suggest using this site as a guide as it is rarely wrong.


There are places in Hanoi where you can pick up a jar of Vegemite. For us Aussies that is pretty cool.

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